Sitecore XAML application Syntax

I’ve been trying to write my own XAML application recently for a client that needed a specific context-menu click function. Sitecore documented this a while back, and although it doesn’t state how to incorporate a dialog, I was able to look into how the existing controls work in the sitecore/shell directory, and figure out how to show the dialog. What I was then missing was how to write the XML layout for the application.

I was able to get together what I needed for this specific application, but then I was curious as to what else I could do. I went through the XAML documentation, but I eventually found the Sitecore documentation that is more relevant. So, for reference, this is the link that explains all the different controls available and the functionality available:

So – if you want to begin from scratch, this is the place to begin. The important thing to note here is the almost all controls from the Sitecore.Web.UI.HtmlControls namespace is available, and the examples show few of the important ones.

Some other links that helped:

An edited version of this post also appears on 1000 lines of code


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