Sitecore sc:editframe empty DIV workaround

The sitecore page editor has come a long way since it was first introduced. It is a very useful tool for content editors to edit pages, as opposed to the content editor, which can seem daunting to a business user. Page editor comes with a lot of options for configurations – one of these options is to have the user be able to enter a new item into sublayout, as a child of the existing item. This is acheived by adding an sc:ediframe tag in the sublayout:

 <sc:EditFrameID="editLinks"runat="server"Buttons="/sitecore/content/Applications/WebEdit/Edit Frame Buttons/MySitecoreProject">

This works great, when you already have items in there, so the <div> that contains the content has enough of an area for the mouseover to work.

When the DIV has content, it has mouseover area that can be used.

However, if you don’t have any items in there, the <div> is collapsed, so there is no area to mouseover on, and hence the context menu does not appear.

No <div> outline, so the user doesn’t know where to mouseover to see the context menu.

The very simple workaround for this is to have an instructions text, and/or an image menu icon, which hovered on opens up the sitecore page edit menu.

Simple image, and text, conditionally displayed

On the resulting .ascx sublayout, the code would be:

<sc:EditFrame ID="editLinks" runat="server" Buttons="/sitecore/content/Applications/WebEdit/Edit Frame Buttons/MyProjectName">

<asp:Panel ID="pnlInstructions" runat="server" Visible="false"><img src="/images/menu.gif" />Insert new items here by clicking on the menu button on the left.</asp:Panel>

In the code behind, you would then only display the content if in editing mode:

if (Sitecore.Context.PageMode.IsPageEditor || Sitecore.Context.PageMode.IsPageEditorEditing)
     pnlInstructions.Visible = true;

Subsequently, you can also make the instructions text come directly from the sitecore item – make a field called “Instruction”, and insert an sc:text tag into the panel:

<sc:EditFrame ID="editLinks" runat="server" Buttons="/sitecore/content/Applications/WebEdit/Edit Frame Buttons/MyProjectName"></span>

<asp:Panel ID="pnlInstructions" runat="server" Visible="false"><img src="/images/menu.gif" /><sc:Text ID="scInstruction" runat="server" Field="Instruction" /></asp:Panel>

An edited version of this post also appears on 1000 lines of code


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