A Very Quick Sitecore Search Primer

I must admit, I don’t write searches for our Sitecore sites that often. Search got totally revamped in 7.0, and introduced LINQ based providers, with Sitecore ContentSearch. I recently had to rewrite the search for a site that is being re-done in 8.2, and since the information is a little old, I had a hard time finding a top-to-bottom information on how to set this up. Luckily, the community came to the rescue once again. I was able to find all the information from different resources, and I wanted to jot it down all in one place, for anyone trying to implement a basic Lucene based search for the first time. So, here it is.

First things first. A soup to nuts overview of the ContentSearch API by Søren Engel


Setting up an Index – getting all the settings correct in the index configuration


Click to access sitecore_search_and_indexing_guide_sc75-a4.pdf


Doing the actual search – this includes computed Fields, FieldReaders, and using ContentSearch for more real world use cases.

Indexing DateTime fields – Sitecore 7 Content Search

In addition, there is a massive list of help links for Sitecore: http://sitecore.link/ – which also includes a TON of links on search. After you are done with the above, go ahead and peruse the Search section of the site for even more goodies!


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