Sitecore MVP Applications Open!

The yearly Sitecore MVP application is now open, and I’m ever so excited to apply once again.

Recently I’ve had a number of people ask me about the whole process, and over the years there have been a number of times when the application was open, but the last few years it has been invitation only. Which brings up the question – how do you get invited?

A lot of times prospects will reach out to current MVPs for invitations and recommendations, but this process is unpredictable, and subjective at best.

First things first, you would have needed to do a number of things over the year to garner up all your contributions. There is a comprehensive stackexchange answer on this:

The contribution factors have not changed much over the years, but one thing new this year is the community introduction forum. This is an excellent way to introduce yourself to Sitecore and the MVP community in general. This puts everything into a much more streamlined method, and everybody that is interested in becoming an MVP can get exposure, and Sitecore and the community can see what the prospect has contributed.

So, if you have been doing things over the year to contribute your time and knowledge to the Sitecore community, and you would like to apply for the 2021 MVP, go ahead to the community forum and introduce yourself!


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